Drinks in Peru Revisited

Peru Inca TrailA while back I reported that I had a story in Imbibe Magazine that you couldn’t get online. Well, now that they’re on to a new issue, at the moment you can: On the Pisco Trail in Peru.

There is a rundown on Pisco, of course, plus some info on chicha, Peruvian wine, and coca tea (a cup on the Inca Trail pictured here). In the actual magazine there are sidebars about Peruvian coffee and beer from Peru, but they didn’t make it into the web version.

The funny thing about Peruvian beer is that the name is based on the city where it is brewed for a few of them. So if you’ve had so many beers that you can’t remember where you are, just look at the label on your bottle!

  1. Siobhan

    Hi Tim – The piece is now linked permanently at:

    The link you have up there now leads to our story on Applejack from the new issue.


  2. tim

    Thanks Siobhan–I fixed the link to match. Though I like Applejack too…

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