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Welcome to the award-winning Cheapest Destinations Blog, up since the dawn of the blogosphere and written by a noted destinations expert who can tell you where and how to find travel bargains.

That would be me, Tim Leffel. I help people figure out how to travel well for less and show them where they’ll get the most bang for their budget. I write about the best travel values in the world as well as the cheapest places to live abroad that are attractive.. Sometimes I’ll even cover my favorite travel gear brands

If you pop by here regularly, you’ll probably go to amazing places and experience amazing things for less than you thought it had to cost you. I’m not some recent college grad out for my first trip around the world, so instead of naive wonder (not that there’s anything wrong with that…) you’ll get more than two and a half decades of perspective from a book author who has been covering this subject since the 1990s. 

I am a travel writer first and foremost, also an author and editor. I have circled the globe multiple times and dispatched articles from five continents. I am the author of The World’s Cheapest Destinations — currently in its fifth edition. I am also the author of Travel Writing 2.0, which is now in its second edition. My best-selling book is A Better Life for Half the Price – a guide to how to cut your expenses in half by living abroad. That is also in its second edition. 

I am editor of the narrative web publication Perceptive Travel, which is known for publishing the best travel stories on the web, and founded the leading travel gear review blog Practical Travel Gear. (Which I sold in mid-2015 to free up some time.) I run this travel writing blog connected to the writing book. As a younger man I worked a few corporate gigs, hung out with celebrities while being a marketing maven at RCA Records, lived in Turkey and Korea teaching English, and have a house in Mexico that is now my permanent base.

travel writer awardI have won a whole slew of writing awards for work in a variety of print and web publications and have been quoted as a budget travel expert in more than 50 major media outlets. This blog is an award-winner too:  it has scored a Gold, Silver, and Bronze over several years in the annual writing awards from the North American Travel Journalists Association. It has also won “best travel blog” awards from Forbes, Tripbase, USA Today’s 10Best, and others. Individual stories I wrote have won Solas Awards and my Perceptive Travel Blog won a Lowell Thomas writing award from the Society of American Travel Writers. I was voted one of the 12 most popular travel bloggers in a poll by travel consumer advocate Christopher Elliott.

Wanderlust magazine picked this blog as “One of the top travel blogs you must read” and it has pulled in a slew of awards. It also gets mentioned regularly in major media outlets. 

To learn more about me, get contact info, and see clippings, see the Tim Leffel portfolio site at TimLeffel.com.

If you really want to know more you can read an interview with me in Nomadic Matt, Mint.com, JetsLikeTaxis, the Freelance Zone, Writers Weekly, or The Gift of Travel. Here’s a “week in the life of” thing I did while living in Mexico for The Professional Hobo. I’ve been on a slew of podcasts, including Amateur Traveler, Zero to Trave,l Extra Pack of Peanuts, and The Expat Money Show.

Tim Leffel media appearances

I get interviewed a lot in major media outlets like USA Today, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, The Street, and Travel + Leisure. Search “Tim Leffel” online and you’ll find at least 20 pages more. If you’re a journalist looking for a quote or more insight, click the “contact Tim” link in the right sidebar.

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I’m a husband and dad, so I’m not on the road non-stop like some other bloggers, but I do travel internationally a half-dozen times each year at least and own real estate in Mexico. This blog has been up since 2003 (more than 2.500 posts before I started weeding the garden) and I’ve purposely lost count of how many countries I’ve visited. It’s not a contest; it’s a journey. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

You can follow me on Twitter (@timleffel), on Facebook, or reach me by e-mail: tim (at) timleffel.com. If you’re a journalist on deadline or a partner trying to connect on a sponsorship deal, call me at 813-203-5595. I live in Guanajuato, Mexico, but the Al Centro Media publishing business is legally based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Sometimes I hang out there for a month still, or other spots around the globe will serve as my office. 

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P.S. – My daughter is not exactly following in my footsteps, but she’s a media entertainment expert and fiction writer who published her first novel at 16 and has a blog called Alina’s Media Analysis with reviews of great movies and TV shows. 

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