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bargain apartment in Budapest for cheap living abroad

For Cheap Apartments, Look Outside the USA

There are plenty of cheap apartments to rent around the world, just fewer and fewer in the USA–or in Canada and England for that matter. You don’t have to live with unaffordable housing, but you might need a big change of
flight delays

If You Experience Flight Delays, Hope That It’s a European Flight

I’ve done a lot of flying the past few weeks and as the odds would have it, experienced several flight delays. Some were a half hour or an hour, which is no big deal if you don’t have a connection, a
Indonesia travel bargain

9 Popular Travel Destinations on Sale in 2020

Want to figure out where the international travel bargains will be this year? Want to go to one of the most popular travel destinations and still find a great deal? Well you’ve come to the right place. As the author of
Quebec City in winter

Winter Travel From Hellish Heat to Extreme Cold

What’s your idea of a good winter vacation? Going to one of the hottest places on the planet or spending your days in sub-freezing temperatures in a place covered with snow? In the current issue of Perceptive Travel, we’ve got both
Crete tourism slogan

13 Things I Learned at the New York Times Travel Show

I just spent some time back in New York City, a place I lived and worked before I started traveling around the world and became a travel writer. It’s always fun to be back there and also when I’m there for