Prana Clothing: Review of One of My Favorite Travel Gear Brands

Prana travel clothing reviews

There are a few travel and outdoor gear brands out there that skew heavily to women because they make yoga wear, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have plenty to offer both sexes. That’s especially true for Prana (or as they like to spell it, prAna).

In the past I’ve only worn a couple of their items, even though my yoga and Pilates class teacher wife kept trying to get me to finagle gear from them when I ran the Practical Travel Gear site. They were a sponsor at the recent TBEX bloggers event though where I’m conference director, so I’ve been trying out more of their items in recent weeks. These clothing items have already moved up to the top of my favorites list, especially these Stretch Zion Straight pants I’m modeling in the Finger Lakes region of New York.

Prana Travel Pants

prAna travel shirts and pants are worth packing for your next tripI’ve literally got 18 pairs of travel pants in one drawer and have given away a couple pairs over the years, so I’m certainly qualified to judge pants for traveling. These Stretch Zion ones are my new favorites because of the cut, the color, and the features. Despite being 97% nylon, they’re not “swishy” like many travel pants, with a softer feel from their Zion fabric. They do have a bit of stretch to them though thanks to a little Spandex, which is great when you’re hiking. Plus they’re DWR treated to repel stains.

They have lots of pockets where you can put what you need to carry, which I always love because I hate carrying a bag or pack during the day if I don’t need to. Some pockets zip closed too, so you can discourage pickpockets in the city. Snaps on the bottom let you roll them up a bit for going across streams or just cooling off.

I almost never travel with blue jeans because they’re heavy and bulky, but these Manchester Jeans may make me change my habits. This model is 85% organic cotton denim, but the other 15% of Sorona and Lycra lighten up the weight and provide some stretch. That came in handy when I was touring the breweries of upstate New York a couple weeks ago.

These jeans fit well without being overly bulky and they don’t hinder my movements. They look good and feel durable, yet they were comfy straight out of the box with no washing. As I write this they’re for sale for $60 at that link.

Prana pants for men

I liked the jeans and Stretch Zion pants so much that I went back for more later. I picked up a pair of Brion pants that have the same great fit, but are a little less travel looking. With no cargo pocket, but the same stretchy and water-resistant fabric, they’re nice enough for a business conference but won’t slow you down if you want to do something active.

One day I had the kind of typical travel schedule these were meant for: a light hike in the morning, a brewpub tour in the afternoon, then a party that night where I needed to look presentable. These Brion pants are my new packing staple when I’ve got to wear some nice-looking pants to a meeting or conference while I’m on the road. Get them direct from Prana or at REI.

Prana Brion pants review

Prana Travel Shirts

The organic cotton Broderick short sleeve shirt I’m wearing in that earlier photo isn’t loaded with features, but it’s soft, comfortable, and doesn’t come down too far when it’s untucked. The kind of shirt I’m going to wear a lot in warm places.

Prana long-sleeve shirt for business travelSame goes for this Graden long-sleeve shirt, which comes in a regular size and a slim cut. It’s soft and comfy cotton, but came out of the dryer looking good at home.

Most of us don’t have a dryer on the road though, so I generally just pack one or two cotton shirts when I know I’m going to have to look respectable at some point—if I’m reviewing a hotel, I have a meeting, or I’m speaking in front of a crowd. With these prAna shirts though, they’ll transition to travel shirts fine for the rest of the time, unlike a regular dress shirt.

Prana does make plenty of quick-dry, low-wrinkle travel shirts though. Check out the Citadel, Pratt, or Cayman, or the Virtuoso that’s a blend of polyester and hemp. See all the options here and get 10% off your first order if you go direct.

So yes, you can find plenty of nice-looking men’s items made by prAna and you get the advantage of wearing a brand that women like, if you’re trying to score on that measure. As for my wife, she’s now sporting a very stylish Marabelle softshell jacket and a Synergy top that will make her the envy of the “going from yoga class to Whole Foods” crowd.

Find these items or more at the well-designed Prana website and you can also find a good selection online at REI, Zappos, or Moosejaw.

Or follow this link to go direct to their sale page on the website.

If you want to get an alert four or five times a year when travel gear discounts are the deepest, get on my long-running Gear Sales Insiders list.

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