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For Americans, This is a Great Time to Splurge on Travel

What happens to the travel landscape when the U.S. dollar surges on the world market? It might not be good news for the stock market, but it’s great news for American international travelers. If you’re looking to splurge on travel, a
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Where the U.S. Travel Dollar is Strongest on Six Continents

Two years ago I kept saying that if you were American or someone earning their pay in U.S. dollars, it was one of the best times I’d seen in 20-some years to go traveling internationally. It was not a time to
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How Dollar Strength or Weakness Impacts Your Travels

Back when Obama first took over from George W. Bush, we were all crying the blues about a weak dollar and a crappy economy. It wasn’t a very good time to travel abroad with American currency. Steadily things got better though

A Better Time Now to Travel With Dollars

It’s been a topsy-turvy past 18 months for the world’s currencies and for the moment anyway, the U.S. dollar is back up again. If you’re up for a winter trip to Europe, your travel dollars will stretch a lot further than

Where Your Travel Dollars Are Still Worth Something

As I noted a couple months back, a strong dollar was fun while it lasted, but the strength caused by the worldwide economic panic has subsided. The euro is back to being worth 1.5 dollars officially (less at a real exchange