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arctic hiking story

A Baru Volcano Scare, Giving Face with a Twenty, and 44 Days Crossing the Ice

After a hiatus publishing our first most popular travel stories issue, we’re back with a batch of new travel stories from Panama, western China, and Arctic Canada. Plus reviews of new travel books and world music. This issue marks the debut
1493 Colombian Exchange

It All Started in 1493…

Before there was anything on the world maps for what we now know as North America, Central America, and South America, the people on this planet weren’t doing a whole lot of mixing. So this book outlines the start of a

Public Art in the Azores, Fabric vs. Dust in the Sahara, and Eating Creepy Creatures in China

It’s a new year and time for a new issue of Perceptive Travel, with offbeat stories from book authors moving through the Azores Islands of Portugal, the Sahara Desert of Algeria, and rural China. If you’re just joining us, I launched

Which Countries Have the Worst Air Pollution?

There are some places in this hemisphere that have some bad air, like Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Lima. But they’ve got nothing on the smoking guns of Asia, which make these places look like a blue-sky island. But where is

Asia Trends for the Budget Traveler

I’ll admit I haven’t been covering Asia travel as much the past couple months since living in Latin America has made me pay more attention to what’s outside my door. So in an attempt to make up for it, here are