Cargo Ship Karaoke, a Nepalese Funeral Fest, and Eeyou Istchee Internet

trekking in Nepal

When I launched Perceptive Travel a decade ago the goal was to publish the most interesting travel stories on the web and get away from all the same old same ole I was seeing in the few surviving magazines month after month. We’ve managed to build up an admirable body of work in that time and win a lot of writing awards. We don’t want to slack off though, so here’s a new batch of unique tales from the road for November.

Our readership doesn’t take a lot of cruises, but this first story is not about a typical time at sea either. Greece guidebook author Rebecca A. Hall boards a container ship in Athens and spends weeks plying the waters with a merchant crew on a long journey to Singapore. See Karaoke at Sea on a Cargo Ship.

Marco Ferrarese returns with a story about getting lost in Nepal on a route rarely trekked by foreigners, ending up at an elaborate funeral ceremony in the mountains. See For Whom the Gongs Toll in Nepal.

Nuuhchimi Wiinuu adventure Quebec

Chris Epting is back after flying on a prop plane to northern Quebec with his daughter, for some outdoor adventure activities in Cree country. In a land just starting to get a somewhat regular connection to the web and social media, there’s a budding relationship with technology and marketing to tourists. See Friend Requests in the Canadian Outback.

You need something to read and something to listen to when you travel, right? William Caverlee reviews some notable new travel books, including a book from former contributor (and Lonely Planet author) Leif Pettersen.  See the November travel book reviews.

Graham Reid checks out some new tunes that have just hit the stores and your favorite streaming service, with most of them illustrating the reach of world music beyond borders. See the November world music reviews.

Give Your iPad a  Nice Jacket

iFolio iPad travel case

Every month all our newsletter subscribers and Facebook followers get the chance to score some new travel gear on us. Our most recent gear recipient is Matt M. of North Carolina. He’ll soon get ECBC Javelin Daypack from entering in October.

This month, we don’t want you to put that expensive iPad in a cheap pleather case, so we’re giving away a $99 leather iPad case from iFolio. It’s attractive, versatile, and great for frequent travelers.

To get a shot at it, be a part of our monthly e-mail newsletter community and watch for the entry instructions the first week of each month. Or you can follow us on Facebook and pay close attention to our feed. The odds are very good…

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