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Are you a person who likes to listen to books because you’re on the move a lot? Now you can pick up A Better Life for Half the Price in audio book form on Audible.com.

My first book came out at the end of 2002 and many others followed, but I’m excited to announce the first audio book I’ve ever done is out now. I didn’t want to be that annoying author who tries to read his own book even though he’s not very good at it, so no worries: there’s a pro doing the narration. That would be Larry Wayne, a voice actor/narrator guy who sounds like he has been on NPR for 20 years.

Amazon now owns Audible, so these titles are included in the book listings. You can go to the same page where you find the paperback. But click on this link and it’ll take you directly to the audio version.

Better Life for Half the Price Audiobook

It’s also available in the UK.

If listening to books is something you do on a regular basis, you can sign up with Audible on that page and get this first one for free. After that you can go with a subscription plan.

Lake Atitlan living

This book is subtitled “How to prosper on less money in the cheapest places to live.” It goes into a lot of depth that you won’t find just by surfing around online until your eyes are blurry. Apparently this whole book clocks in at 12 hours and 31 minutes. It’ll keep you occupied for a while.

Listen to this while you commute to a crappy job while stuck in traffic though, getting stressed over how high your monthly bills are, and it could be the best 12 hours you ever spent avoiding road rage. The only step you’ll need to take after that is figuring out when and how to make the leap.

You can see dozens of reviews of the book on that Amazon page and they’re overwhelmingly positive apart from a few cranky outliers. I’m happy that people have called this the anti-International Living book. There are plenty of cons to go with all the pros when moving anywhere and I don’t try to paint a rosy picture that life will be pure bliss on $1,300 per month. Moving abroad is not for everyone and it won’t be just like home, so do some soul-searching first. Make sure you understand that living in a place is not like your one-week vacation in a place.

I implore you to do a trial run first before you take silly House Hunters International emulation trip where you fly to a foreign country and buy a house a week later. You do know that show is completely fake, right? You know some people are actors and others have already lived in the house they’re “looking to buy,” right? It’s a TV show designed to follow a scripted narrative, not a documentary. Just put “House Hunters International Fake” into Google and get ready for some fun reading.

cheapest places to live

Anyway…if you want some guidance and more info along the way from people not trying to upsell you into a conference or introduce you to a developer who is kicking back a referral fee, go here. You can sign up for a premium package that comes with some one-on-one time or one that gets you into a like-minded club. But if you just pick up the book and send me an e-mail that says, “Because of you we’re in Panama now and loving it!” then that’s terrific.

I interviewed dozens of people living in these locations. I’ve lived in three countries myself and have owned two homes outside the USA. My kid went to scho0l in Mexico for three years and my job is to go to other countries and report on what I find. All that hopefully makes me more trustworthy than some random web pages you land on by the mercy of an algorithm.

If you want to hear what I have to say for a while first though, sign up for the Cheap Living Abroad newsletter.

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