Egypt’s Revolution, Surrealism in the Jungle, and Smyrna Revisited

It’s time for the July issue of Perceptive Travel, filled as usual with the best travel stories from book authors on the move.

This time you’ve got interesting travel tales from North America, plus two countries that are hard to pin down: Egypt and Turkey. Are they in the Middle East? Is Turkey in Asia or Europe—or both? Is Egypt an African country?

Well, it’s the story that matters, and in this case our woman on the scene is witness to a revolution: the toppling of a long-standing government with very little bloodshed: Notes from a Revolution in Egypt.

Turkey has been a democracy for a long time, so while we may quibble about the policies of the party in power, no revolution necessary. Instead Gloria DeVidas Kirchheimer ponders what it means to be a Jewish woman returning to her ancestral home in Turkey, in an ancient land that was thriving long before the Muslims arrived: Out of Smyrna.

This next story is mine, so I’ll skip the hyperbole. The main focus of the article deserves the hype though: Las Pozas in Xilitla. The strange name itself should be enough to make you raise an eyebrow, but believe me when I say this trip is unlike any other: The Dreams of Man in Stone and Concrete.

That’s not all of course. You can check out reviews of interesting new travel books, including the latest from Colin Thubron. Our latest world music reviews run the gamut from Algerian desert blues to Balkan brass to Palestinian funk.

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