Don’t Look Now–Your Dollar is Rising

“You snooze you lose” has been quite applicable to the world of travel over the past year as conditions on the ground and in the air change every week. If you keep up with what’s going on and are flexible, you can find fantastic deals most any time of year. If you get your news from TV and make your plans based on last year’s assumptions, you’ll pay more.

For many years I have been giving advice on how to deal with the shrinking value of the U.S. dollar. All of a sudden, the outlook has changed. That’s the gist of my Tripso column this week, Silver lining in the global slump: your travel dollar.

While everyone was watching their stock portfolio tumble and their banking system crumble, the greenback started sneaking up higher on the currency markets. Yes, things are terrible in America, but they’re even worse elsewhere. At least some 93.5 percent of us here still have a job and despite the financial system mess, there is still a lot of cash just sitting around waiting to be deployed when the market bottoms.

Last week I raved about how Iceland was almost affordable now that the exchange rate was around 100 kroner to the dollar. A week later the kroner is at 144. Quick, pull up Iceland Air and book a hotel for cheap!

The dollar is way up in countries as diverse as Brazil and Bulgaria, India and Australia, Nepal and New Zealand. Dear traveler, if you have been waiting for a good time to take off, this is it. I can’t promise it will last. Add an economic slump to a rising currency value and you’ve got two strong signals saying “Get on a plane now!” If only that plane ride came without the fuel surcharges imposed when a barrel of oil was $150, not $90…

For contrarian travel strategies that will help you save money no matter what’s going on, get the book Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune.

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