Useful Mexico Travel Websites

Mexico travel guideSearch for Mexico travel ideas on the Internet and you’ll feel like you are drinking from a fire hose. I’ve sifted through most of the Mexico web sites at one time or another, so here’s a short list adapted from the Mexico resources in Traveler’s Tool Kit: Mexico and Central America. Follow that link for book recommendations (which are a lot easier to digest, especially on a sofa or hammock…)

The official Mexico tourism site is (with links to official sites for state and city tourism organizations).

The People’s Guide to Mexico ( is an extension of the irreverent and highly recommended book of the same name.

Mexico Connect ( is a subscription-based site ($30 per year) that has been online since 1996. It is probably the most thorough resource on the Internet for info about traveling or living in Mexico.

MEXonline ( is one of the most popular and comprehensive guides to the country. Mexico Mike set up one of the first web guides to the country.

Moving to Mexico? Try Mexperience.

Our Mexico ( has lots of stories, news, and links.

Travelers Guide to Mexico is an online guidebook:

Gay Mexico ( covers the scene in different locales.

These will all lead you to a hundred other links to keep you occupied for weeks. Each individual city or state has its own batch of English websites, some sucky, some great, so you have to nose around a bit. There are at least four useful ones for the Merida area alone, for example:

Yucatan Today
Yucatan Living
Merida Insider
Travel Yucatan

Have a useful Mexico website you’ve bookmarked and used? Add it to the comments below!

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