Too Old to Party?

music festThe fifth or sixth year of Bonnaroo has just passed me by (I’ve lost count) and I should probably face the fact that it’s just not my scene anymore. I’m not the only one apparently. Steve Davey has a great post on the Perceptive Travel blog called “Too Old to Party?”

He laments that although he doesn’t really want to slosh around in the mud and wait in line for terrible toilets, it’s still a bit sad to realize you’ve moved on. “It’s just that out of my wide selection of ne’er do well friends and miscellaneous hedonists, the only person whom I know is there is our nanny. You know that you are getting old when the only person you know who is going to Glastonbury is your nanny.”

Ah well, the price we pay as we move through life collecting kids, houses, and real jobs. But hey, most of those kids rocking out to the White Stripes and Lily Allen haven’t seen Sukothai at dawn or scaled Tikal and Uxmal. Right Steve?

  1. Kath

    That is a great post. I have to say, I NEVER wanted to go to those sorts of giant music festivals, even when I was in my teens and twenties. Guess I’ve always been an old fart!

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