Book of the Year: Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune

travel dollarsOkay, that title is a bit of a teaser since Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune is just up for the award at But “for your consideration,” as the Academy Awards ads always say, you can go vote for it as travel book of the year. Hopefully later I’ll get to praise the other nominees and say how honored I am to be in this company. Then thank everyone who has ever helped me while the music swells and someone backstage gives me the finger across the throat sign to shut up and get off the stage…

There are a few different categories, so since I’m blatently encouraging a bit of ballot stuffing, may I suggest Living Abroad in Nicaragua? That is one of the world’s cheapest destinations, after all, and co-author Josh Berman has a second story in the upcoming issue of Perceptive Travel. if you’ve thought about moving to Latin America, it’ll give you the full scoop on living easy for little money. And People’s Guide to Mexico is one of my favorite travel books of all time. If all guidebooks could be this much fun to read they would make those long bus and train rides more interesting when we’ve run out of other reading material.

  1. Luca Darien

    Mr. Leffel , thank you for your reply.

    I tried a first message, it came back as spam, then a blank second and hope this will go through. (Its not!)
    I wrote to Julie info and admin and the agency system say that the email box is full.
    We are working on the page rank, because the site is brand new. I bought two copies to sell, if you agree I might begin with a copy in english with the italian attached at the double of the price, or otherwise just the english version.
    The translation is free, but printing is to be arranged, if you like I can contacts some publisher able to guess on sales figures.
    Best Regards, Luca Darien, marketing.

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