Airport Security Makes Good Comedy

There was a great sketch on Saturday night live that enacted a sample meeting of TSA workers and their bosses. It’s not on the official NBC site yet, but for the moment you can find it here.After being told that it is now okay to bring 3 ounces of liquid on board because “it has been determined that 3 ounces of liquid cannot blow up an airplane, the TSA employees in the meeting ask some great questions:

“But 4 ounces can blow up an airplane?”

“What’s to stop two people from having 3 ounces and then meeting on the plane to combine them?”

“What if I am a passenger that does not have three ounces with me, but is confident I can produce 3 ounces myself on the flight?” (“You mean producing a liquid?” the supervisor asks. “Or a gel” the employee answers.”)

  1. Ron Mader

    What about on board procedures?

    When the pilot expressly demands that we turn off all electronics, I get worried that some kid is going to down the plane by playing a miniature video game.

  2. Mel

    Technically, you can have as many three-oz. containers as you can fit in your resealable, clear, one-quart plasic bag. I am also puzzled as to how x-rays will reveal whether your three oz. bottle of hair gel is really hair gel and not plastic explosives, but maybe TSA has special explosive-spotting x-rays.

    My head explodes anew every time I fly. Metaphorically, anyway.

  3. tim

    I had to argue with a security guard yesterday because I had four airplane-style bottles of tequila in a clear plastic bag, coming back from Mexico. She said, “They’re supposed to be in a Ziploc bag.” I said, “I was in Mexico and didn’t see any Ziploc bags. But this one is clear plastic.” She calls over a supervisor and after chiding me to do it right next time, they let it slide.

    For the makers of Ziploc, this is the greatest business opportunity since the dawn of crack cocaine. They’ve got the whole Homeland Security agency as a sales force.

  4. Lida

    I dont understand them. but I know they doing job. Some people think this is “ridiculous” but its our security issue.

  5. parça kontör

    I dont understand them. but I know they doing job. Some people think this is “ridiculous” but its our security issue.

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