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It’s time for the annual Passports with Purpose program, the great charity drive driven by bloggers. Last year we collectively built a school in rural Cambodia and overshot the goal by so much that the group was able to plant and maintain a school garden as well. This year we’re building a whole village in southern India for the Dalit caste people who are normally denied the ability to own a home. A whole village—won’t that cost a fortune? Well, 50 grand goes a long way in India, so that’s the goal. The money will be funneled through the LAFTI group and they know how to make the most of every dollar on the ground.

Once again the Cheapest Destinations blog is participating. I’ll personally be donating myself and thanks to the kindness of Kuru Footwear, I’m kicking in a prize as well. Here’s a look at their women’s Chicane shoe.

At the bottom you’ll see the men’s Circue version and if you click on either of the photos, you can check out more from the Kuru line and start thinking about the pair of shoes you’re going to score—for a good cause even.

Kuru is known for its ultra-comfortable and supportive shoes, which are great for pounding the pavement all day as a traveler. They also make some nice shoes meant for apres-ski or after-hiking, when your feet are crying out for help.

When you click on this link and donate, you can pick from an array of prizes where you can participate in a raffle, including a pair of Kuru shoes. We’re talking adventure trips, hotel rooms, gifts, and travel gear. Here’s a hint from me though: hedge your bets. If you can donate more than once you’ll stand a much better chance, especially if you spread it out to some items that aren’t super-popular. (The higher the $ amount of the prize, the more people you’re usually competing with.)

This whole thing succeeds because of people like you, but the cool thing is, the goal is already 3/5 there because of some very generous sponsors. Kudos to BootsnAll, LiveMocha, RoundtheWorldwithUs, and others you’ll see on the donation page.

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