How Pricing Works for Organized Travel Tours

If someone books an organized tour or adventure excursion, what determines how much they’ll pay? Where does all that money go? I believe most of the people reading this blog are independent travelers. people who are good at figuring out how to get the best experience for the best price. My general


Doolin Drumming, Celestial Quebec, and Middle-aged Singapore

It’s time for the October issue of Perceptive Travel, home to great narrative travel stories from book authors on the move. All three this month are from returning authors, starting with Gillian Kendall’s attempt to go from spectator to participant by learning to play the Irish drum. See Fekkin’ Savage: Learning to


When Is an International Flight not an International Flight? (Hint: when it involves baggage fees.)

I fly a lot between the USA and Mexico and each time I need to go through customs and get my passport stamped. According to American Airlines though, flying to Mexico does not constitute an international flight when it comes to one allowed checked bag. Well, it sort of does, but only


Travel Prices in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

The Central American country of Guatemala is definitely one of the The World’s Cheapest Destinations and since the backpackers have kept coming even when moneyed tourists have gotten spooked, the chilled-out gathering spot of Lake Atitlan is still a magnet for budget travelers. The top nationality in San Pedro when I was


What Are the Emerging Cheap Destinations?

I’m in the thick of updating my Travel Writing 2.0 book to be released in November, but next year I’ll start the process of researching the bargain places to travel again for the 5th edition of The World’s Cheapest Destinations. I think by now I’ve learned a thing or two about this