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Travel prices in Mexico are cheap in the interior

How Cheap is Mexico – Really?

Way back in 2005 I wrote a post about how Mexico wasn’t a featured country in my book The World’s Cheapest Destinations, but it was still quite a bargain. Now 12 years later, that post has still been getting traffic every

My Take on Why to Go to Colonial Mexico

The cover story in the current issue of Travelworld is from yours truly, a piece on the reasons to get away from the beaches and visit the middle of Mexico instead. This is the old part, the colonial part, the area
Zacatecas travel central Mexico

Zacatecas: Just another incredible Mexican city with almost no foreign tourists

I’ve said many times that as far as tourism goes, there are really two Mexicos: the American resort Mexico and the other Mexico. Even though Zora O’Neill makes some good points in Cancun is the new Tulum, they’re night and day
mask museum in Zacatecas Mexico

Amazing Mexican Mask Museum in Zacatecas

Want to see 3,000 Mexican masks in one place? Head to the Museo Rafael Coronel in Zacatecas. I first arrived in this part of Mexico while on assignment to review some hotels in Aguascalientes and Zacatecas. The former has a great