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Interview with a Tout

I published this interview with a tout in Morocco a long time ago in a print-only publication. Recently a Twitter follower saw an old interview I did and asked if this piece could be accessed somewhere. It can’t, so I’m reprinting an abbreviated version of it here.  We occasionally like dealing with touts, but most …

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Riding the Trains of Ecuador

There was a time when people rode trains all over Ecuador, from the capital of Quito to Otovalo, Cuenca, and the coastal port of Guayaquil. More than 60 trains a day departed from the main station in southern Quito. Then came the age of the automobile, which killed off the trains in a lot of …

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Travel Prices in Romania

Romania vies with Bulgaria as the cheapest destination in Europe. The latter has an edge in most respects, but Romania is still a terrific value at all budget levels, from backpacker to luxe. If you’re looking for the European cafe culture in summer or want to stay in a nice historic village after a day …

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