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A Few Random Travel Life Items Worth Buying

I don’t do a lot of product-oriented posts on here unless I’m talking about a book of mine or when it’s time to go get some new travel gear. I figure you’re bombarded with enough “Buy Buy Buy!” messages all day
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Ready to Cut Your Living Expenses in Half?

  Are you happy with your finances? Are you content with how much you’re paying for your basic expenses each month? Does the future look cheery and bright where you are in the USA, Canada, the UK, or Australia? I’ve been

Making a Job Instead of Waiting for Someone to Give You a Job

Sometimes you meet a traveler on the backpacker trail that’s getting sick of it all after a few months and wants to get back to “the real world” at home. More often though, you meet people trying to figure out how

How to Travel for Less by Bartering

By Teresa Roberts Today I’m stepping back from the podium and handing the mic to the author of Finding the Gypsy in Me: Tale of an International House Sitter. You can reduce your budget by getting an overseas job, but with