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Thailand cooking class

Some Random Travel Info and Advice on Southeast Asia

Back in the good ole days when people used RSS readers instead of Twitter to follow blogs, I used to do regular round-ups of blogs posts from others about The World’s Cheapest Destinations. After all, I can’t be everywhere doing everything,
pho in Saigon

What It Costs to Live in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I got on a “night here, morning there” call with James Clark of Nomadic Notes recently. James is a digital nomad working from Ho Chi Minh City—Saigon—in Vietnam. He’s not there all the time, but for long enough stretches to get
best museum Hanoi

One Must-See in Hanoi: Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Where do you go in Vietnam to see all the tribes in one place? The somewhat inconveniently located (but worth the trip) Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi. Some cities you visit because of the wealth of cultural attractions and interesting

Travel Budget vs. Vacation Budget

Much of the “traveler” vs. “tourist” division people have in their head really comes down to time and money. Do you have more time than money? You probably consider yourself a traveler and look down at those crazy tourists who blow

Black Voodoo in Benin, Bipolar Mariachi, and the Great Wall of Vietnam

With an oddball assortment like that, you know it’s time for another issue of Perceptive Travel webzine. The September issue hits three continents and throws in reviews of new travel books and world music releases too. James M. Dorsey returns with