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village life in Portugal for expats and retirees

Snag the Cheap Flight, Then Go Elsewhere

It’s a given that if you want to go to Antigua, you must first fly to Guatemala City. If you want to go to Granada, you must first fly to Managua. For the Grand Canyon, you will probably fly into Las
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Tips from an Older (and Hopefully Wiser) Traveler

When I was 22, I thought for sure I knew everything. Then I got a real job, went traveling, got married, and had a child. It turns out I had a lot to learn still. Here’s a bit of what I’ve
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Leave Wandering Time for Surprise Discoveries

“I like going on group tours because there are no surprises,” a traveler I met once told me. “I know the whole travel itinerary in advance and someone else is taking care of all the arrangements.” Oh, but how many things

If You Want to Remember It, Don’t Tweet It

Telling people to put down their smartphone and stop sending status updates when they travel or have a coversation can make you sound like an old crank, I know. But every couple months there’s another study showing that’s a good move.

Where You Should Check to Get a Great Rental Car Deal

When you need to reserve a rental car, where do you check? Do you just pull up your favorite booking app on your phone and go? Or return to the company you usually rent from because you’ll get loyalty points? Well