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How to Do Bali on the Cheap

Bali has long been a fixture on the Southeast Asia backpacker tour, but it has gotten exponentially more popular since I first landed on the island in the mid-1990s—and prices have risen with the crowds. To give us the scoop on what current prices are like for travelers, I turned to a guy who actually …

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Travel Prices in India

Today’s guest post is from a book author who has written for me on several occasions in Perceptive Travel. See the link at the end for the book and blog from Jim Johnston, but he’s just back from India and is giving us the scoop on current prices there. As I noted recently, it’s a …

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Travel Prices in Bangkok

Travel prices do fluctuate. So while I’ve put guidelines and general budget ranges in The World’s Cheapest Destinations, things change. Take Thailand, for instance. Today I’m happy to present a guest post from someone who ought to know. Brian Spencer has been living there for a while and knows just what you can get from …

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