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Why I Travel With a Superzoom Camera

You can travel with a big DSLR kit that requires its own backpack of equipment and get professional level photographs if you know what you’re doing. Or you can travel with nothing but your smart phone and get a lot of
backing up photos

Backing up Your Data on the Road

Are you fully backed up if all your electronics get stolen or lost while you’re traveling? Or your hard drive crashes? When I first backpacked around the world in the 1990s, pre-internet, my back-up files were pieces of paper. Bank account

Travel Backup Plans, Part 2

A while back I wrote briefly about the need to have backup plans for products and services you depend on while traveling. This was right after Google killed off its popular RSS reader and a bunch of people I know had
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Leave Wandering Time for Surprise Discoveries

“I like going on group tours because there are no surprises,” a traveler I met once told me. “I know the whole travel itinerary in advance and someone else is taking care of all the arrangements.” Oh, but how many things

Sending Postcards Without the Postage Hassle: Postcardly

I get start-ups pitching me on all kinds of services that seem to be solutions in search of a problem, but I used to like sending postcards a lot and I’ve sent fewer and fewer of them in the past few