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Are You Using Your Freedom to Travel?

  Have you become a creature of habit, a man of routine, a predictable woman? Do all those travel dreams of yours keep getting pushed further and further back? What if you set a deadline, like you would with a work
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“I Wish I Could Travel More” Is a Lame Thing to Say

  Every time anyone goes on vacation and posts gorgeous photos on social media, frequently someone says, “You’re so lucky. I wish I could travel more.” You can almost hear the wistful sigh. In most cases the answer to “Why can’t
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Hey You Stressbuckets: Take a Vacation Already!

Did you take a vacation recently? If so you’re doing better than most Americans. I listened to a depressing story on NPR’s The World yesterday about the worsening vacation deficit in America. My idiotic countrymen and women are actually taking fewer

Wisdom Gained From Traveling Around the World

Gary Arndt of the the Everything-Everywhere blog put up a nice post recently called All I really need to know I learned from traveling around the world. It’s a play on the bestselling book about the wisdom gained in kindergarten, with

Is it Dead? Or Just Not New Enough?

Media pundits keep saying “books are dead,” but I just had my highest month of book royalties ever. Tech geeks keep blogging that “RSS is dead,” but this past month I got a record number of visitors who were RSS subscribers,