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6 Unexpected Expenses to Expect for Your Round-the-World Travel Budget

  So you’ve read your copy of The World’s Cheapest Destinations, read the books from Rolf Potts and Nomadic Matt, you’ve priced your tickets out on the Indie RTW Flight Planner, and you’ve been following a dozen bloggers doling out advice
San Pedro hotel

Why is this place so expensive?

Even seasoned travelers sometimes end up in a travel destination that stumps them when it comes to costs. “I can’t believe how expensive this place is”—that’s a statement you’re not happy about uttering. It’s a painful realization when you thought a

Crossing Bolivia to Chile (and Watching My Money Evaporate)

Last week I was in Bolivia and it was dirt cheap. (See this post with prices.) This week I’ve been in Chile and I’m paying more than I would at home. As soon as I crossed the border, most prices went

Credit Where It’s Due: U.S. Passport Service

It’s easy and oh-so-fun to bash the government and say they can’t do anything right. But I sent off my United States passport on December 8 for it to be renewed. I just got the new one today: December 16. Granted,