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Chichen Itza in the Yucatan of Mexico just doubled in price for admission

Bucket List Attraction Costs at 15 Wonders of the World

What is is going to cost you to visit the great wonders of the world? How much will it bust your budget to check that famous attraction off your list? Sometimes not much, sometimes days’ worth of travel costs. When you
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Blow-the-wad Vacationers Vs. Contrarian Travelers

“Yes, we’re very excited,” said the woman holding onto the cart with four large suitcases. “This is our first real vacation in four years.” Apparently they needed a lot more clothing than me for their trip to Los Cabos, a place

No More Excuses – Your Travel Resolution Starts Now

I’ve been running this Cheapest Destinations blog since 2003 and the 4th edition of my international travel book will come out soon, so I’ve heard more than my share of excuses on why people can’t or don’t travel. In all fairness,

Why Your Relatives Think Travel is Expensive

How can you afford to travel so long? That’s a question familiar to anyone who has packed their bag and taken off for months, a year, two years…or more. In the eyes of most infrequent travelers, who only view travel through

Different Takes on the Cheapest Places to Travel in the World

As someone who has a book out called The World’s Cheapest Destinations, I am naturally rather opinionated about which places give travelers the best bang for their budget. The problem with roundups and lists of any kind though is that things