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Where Travel Gear is Always on Sale

I’ve talked many times in the past about how going to the right retailer at the right time can save you a small fortune on quality travel gear. Unless you have to have the absolute latest, hot off the assembly line
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My Favorite Travel Gear Brands: Craghoppers

Who makes the toughest and most useful travel clothing on the other side of the Atlantic? That would be Craghoppers, a brand that is a household name in the UK but keeps gaining traction in the USA too. Some have called
the best times of the year to buy travel gear like at Backcountry

Know the Best Times to Buy Travel Gear

Yes you can afford quality travel gear and clothing for your journeys. The secret is buying it when the timing is right, not two days before your vacation. I see a lot of people traveling around with unreliable luggage, bulky jackets
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My Favorite Travel Gear Brands: ExOfficio

When I ran Practical Travel Gear for six years (and a few years before that alone on Blogspot), one of the brands I kept coming back to again and again was ExOfficio. They almost never disappointed me and despite me packing
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Why You Should Update Your Travel Gear Now

If all the travel gear and apparel in your closet is six, eight, ten years old or more, it’s ancient. I’m all for using things until they completely wear out, but the leaps forward in technology in the past few years