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Travel Prices in Cambodia

Until Burma reaches a point of real reform and starts getting the promised foreign investment coming in, Cambodia will hold the crown as the best travel value in Southeast Asia. What you get for your money is unbelievable sometimes, yet you don’t have to go way off the beaten path to find the bargains. In …

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Travel Prices in Nicaragua

In most respects, Nicaragua is the cheapest place to travel in Latin America, which makes it the cheapest destination in the Americas period. Since it’s also close and easy to get to for a reasonable airfare, at least for those of us in the U.S. and Canada, your total cost for visiting Nicaragua is going …

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Some Eye Candy from Nicaragua

I focus on the practical aspects of travel a lot on this Cheapest Destinations Blog. I figure there are enough others out there doing a “photo of the day” and making virtual albums of their travels. Still, sometimes a place is beautiful and you just want others to see what you saw. Nicaragua is not …

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