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Wisdom Gained From Traveling Around the World

Gary Arndt of the the Everything-Everywhere blog put up a nice post recently called All I really need to know I learned from traveling around the world. It’s a play on the bestselling book about the wisdom gained in kindergarten, with

Google Has Altered Your Expectations

  Just because you can look up an answer to a burning question in a few seconds for most facts doesn’t mean you can do the same for recommendations. That’s especially true when it comes to something as personal as travel.

Cheap Travel Facts and Fun for Friday

I’ve worked hard this week. Too hard really. I should have had more fun. So I’m ready to let some other people do the talking. Besides, the closing for my former house in Nashville was this week, so for the first

Travel Advice Worth Reading (Montezuma’s Revenge edition)

It took until the end of week six of my move to Mexico before it happened, but whatever hit me is making up for lost time. Fever, aches, and all the bathroom byproducts that come with it. The annoying thing is,

10 Things That Look Ridiculous

I have been doing a lot of traveling this summer and just spent a week at a family resort for vacation. Here are ten images of tourists and travelers that I wish I didn’t have to ever see again—but probably will.