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Are Those City Cards Really Worth the Money?

You’ve seen them in almost every big city you’ve traveled to, ads for them on the official tourism site, half the unofficial sites, and every printed tourist rag you pick up anywhere. For one price, the card you buy gets you
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Eat and Drink What’s Local When You Travel

The “locavore” and “slow food” movements have taken off bigtime in the last decade, but budget travelers have been following them for ages for economic reasons: eating local and drinking local can save you a small fortune. Sure, there are high-minded
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Will That City Be Expensive? Airport Taxi Fares Are a Good Clue

In one city, should you take a taxi from the far-flung airport to the center, it will cost you more than $250. In another city, taking a taxi from the airport to the center will cost you less than $5. How
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Build Splurge Money Into Your Shoestring Travel Budget

I’m currently in Santa Catalina, Panama, a surfer magnet on the Pacific Coast. I’ve got Panama listed as an “honorable mention” in my book because some things are a bargain, especially outside the capital, but this is a country with a
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Can You Really Travel on the Cheap in Africa? Let’s Ask HoboTraveler Andy Graham

Each time I put out a new edition of The World’s Cheapest Destinations, I always try to find a way to get another African country in there and always come up short when I start digging into the research. So I