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News Flash: Travel Prices Fluctuate

For those who typically skip intros in books or take prices in travel articles as gospel, here’s some news: prices for hotels, restaurants, taxis, buses, visas, and admissions will change. They are probably more liable to go up than down, just

Hidden Waterfalls, a Bathroom Massage, and the Other Side of Iran

Put those three things together and you’ve got another new issue of Perceptive Travel, home to the best travel stories from wandering book authors. For Hidden Falls in Alaska, Rachel Dickinson gets off the soft adventure cruise to find a flat

Cheap Destinations Reports – Europe and Asia

Every once in a while I need to make up for the fact I’m spending more time in Latin America than elsewhere with some reports from the field. Here are some good rundowns from other writers with feet on the ground

More Budget Flights Coming to Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia already boasts a good number of options for getting from place to place by air on the cheap, but more are on the way. According to this article in The Independent, two existing legacy carriers are going to beef

Travelers Need to Keep Currency Fluctuations in Perspective

Every once in a while someone will post a new review of The World’s Cheapest Destinations and comment that you can’t really trust the info in it because “prices are changing all the time” due to currency fluctuations. In a sense