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Off to Southeast Asia With My Family

Today I board a plane for Bangkok. I’ve been on a plane to Bangkok many times, but not since I had a child many years ago. Now it’ time for me to research the region for the 4th edition of my

A Little Thailand in Tampa

If you saw the photo above without the headline, you’d naturally think it was taken in Thailand, right? If someone told you this next one was from the same place, you might be willing to bet some money on it. Not

Exchange Rates and Your Near-term Travels

  Currency exchange rates can make a huge difference in prices where you are going. Travel prices fluctuate a lot because of this and the exchange rate can take a country from a decent value to being way overpriced in the
living in Bangkok

Travel Prices in Bangkok

Travel prices do fluctuate. So while I’ve put guidelines and general budget ranges in The World’s Cheapest Destinations, things change. Take Thailand, for instance. Today I’m happy to present a guest post from someone who ought to know. Brian Spencer has

Cheap Destinations Travel Impressions – June ’11

I can’t be everywhere and do everything, so time to hear from some others who are vagabonding around the world in some of the cheapest places to travel. Landing in Marrakesh, Morrocco, Christine Gilbert of Almost Fearless says, I don’t have