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Sorry Kids, but Costa Rica is No Bargain

There are a lot of great reasons to visit Costa Rica, and as I wrote in this post way back in 2010, it can be worth the splurge if you do it right. If you’re heading there thinking it’s a bargain,
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Build Splurge Money Into Your Shoestring Travel Budget

I’m currently in Santa Catalina, Panama, a surfer magnet on the Pacific Coast. I’ve got Panama listed as an “honorable mention” in my book because some things are a bargain, especially outside the capital, but this is a country with a
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Is Costa Rica Worth the Splurge?

  Costa Rica is just a little dot on the map in Central America, smaller than many U.S. states, but it’s one of the most popular international destinations for Americans, getting nearly a million and a half of them each year.