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Travel Prices in Cambodia

Until Burma reaches a point of real reform and starts getting the promised foreign investment coming in, Cambodia will hold the crown as the best travel value in Southeast Asia. What you get for your money is unbelievable sometimes, yet you

Why Changi Airport in Singapore is the Best in the World

When you spend some time in Singapore’s Changi Airport, it kind of makes you sorry for everyone else. Just as Singapore Air is so superior to most others (especially in economy class) that it’s not really a contest, the country’s airport

Short-term Apartments Can Be Better Deals Than Hotels

I just spent three weeks in Southeast Asia with my family, which involved lots of hotel hopping. In Bangkok though we split our time between a hotel near KSR and an apartment in a real Thai neighborhood off Sukhumvit. We rented

The Evolution of Khao San Road in Bangkok

Khao San Road has long been like the slutty girl from college you know you should avoid. Half the guys you know have slept with her. She smokes, she’s loud when she gets drunk, she dresses badly, everything taken to excess.
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Travel Prices in Bangkok

Travel prices do fluctuate. So while I’ve put guidelines and general budget ranges in The World’s Cheapest Destinations, things change. Take Thailand, for instance. Today I’m happy to present a guest post from someone who ought to know. Brian Spencer has