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It’s Finally Going to Get Easier to Visit Indonesia

Indonesia has long been near the top of the list of the cheapest places to live in the world, having a starring role in all four editions of The World’s Cheapest Destinations. The visa policy there has always been baffling to
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Travel Prices in Myanmar (Burma)

I’ve got Myanmar (Burma) listed as a “maybe next time” mention in the latest edition of The World’s Cheapest Destinations. Prior to last year I wouldn’t have recommended that anyone go there as it was impossible to spend money in the

A Hidden Lake, A Day of Mine Sweeping, and Rural Portugal by Bike

It’s July already and time for the new issue of Perceptive Travel webzine, bringing you three new feature stories from three continents plus ┬ásome interesting new books and music collections. First up, how do you hide a giant lake? Let a

One Must-See in Hanoi: Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Where do you go in Vietnam to see all the tribes in one place? The somewhat inconveniently located (but worth the trip) Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi. Some cities you visit because of the wealth of cultural attractions and interesting

Doing a One-night Trip to Ayutthaya From Bangkok

Sure, you can visit the ancient Thai capital of Ayutthaya on a day trip from Bangkok, but this doesn’t do the ruins justice. You end up spending just a few hours seeing the ruins, often during the hottest time of day.