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New Travel Stories for the 2020s

When I launched Perceptive Travel way back in January of 2006, we started off strong: in that first issue were Peter Moore, Rolf Potts, Jen Leo, Howard Stephens, and Bruce Northam. I appeared on podcasts recently hosted by two of those
travel blogger disclosure

A Few Words on Travel Blog Disclosure

If a tree falls in the woods and everybody hears it, do we need to know who is selling the lumber? I once wrote a post on this blog with my thoughts on disclosure statements. Turns out I did that at

Thanks for Your Support (and Rocking the Kindle)

Here’s a screenshot from the Amazon Kindle store last week for the bestselling travel reference books. If you bought null of The World’s Cheapest Destinations at some point, thank you! If you’re a writer, go check out the Travel Writing 2.0