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14 Useful Travel Gear Items for $20 or Less

I have spent more than a decade reviewing travel gear in some form or another, six of those as editor of the popular Practical Travel Gear Blog that I sold last summer. I originally started that to highlight the inexpensive but
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My Favorite Travel Gear Brands: ExOfficio

When I ran Practical Travel Gear for six years (and a few years before that alone on Blogspot), one of the brands I kept coming back to again and again was ExOfficio. They almost never disappointed me and despite me packing
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Why You Should Update Your Travel Gear Now

If all the luggage and apparel in your closet is six, eight, ten years old or more, it’s ancient. It’s time to update your travel gear. I’m all for using things until they completely wear out, but the leaps forward in
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Who’s the Guy Behind This Blog?

December is shaping up to be a record traffic month for this cheap travel blog, a mere 11 years after I launched it. More than 50,000 readers a month land here normally, which is more readers than a lot of magazines
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The Best Backpacks for Long-term Travelers

  This post on the best backpacks for long-term travelers was last updated in July 2018. Recently I’ve been checking out new travel gear at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Utah, seeing what’s on the way from all the top