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superzoom point and shoot camera shot

Why I Travel With a Superzoom Camera

You can travel with a big DSLR kit that requires its own backpack of equipment and get professional level photographs if you know what you’re doing. Or you can travel with nothing but your smart phone and get a lot of
Tilley mash-up travel hat

My Favorite Travel Gear Brands: Tilley Hats

I’ve been challenged in the hair department for quite a while and spend a lot of time in sunny places, so I rarely go on a trip without packing a Tilley sun hat. I’ve tried a lot of brands over the
travel and hiking gear on sale

Where Travel Items Are Always on Sale: Luggage, Gear, and Accessories

Want to find travel items for half the list price? Want to pick up new travel gear, luggage, or gadgets at a deep discount? It’s not difficult if you’re not super-picky. You just need to know where to look. I’ve talked
Craghoppers Compresslite women

My Favorite Travel Gear Brands: Craghoppers

Who makes the toughest and most useful travel clothing on the other side of the Atlantic? That would be Craghoppers, a brand that is a household name in the UK but keeps gaining traction in the USA too. Some have called
the best times of the year to buy travel gear like at Backcountry

Know the Best Times to Buy Travel Gear

Yes you can afford quality travel gear and clothing for your journeys. The secret is buying it when the timing is right, not two days before your vacation. I see a lot of people traveling around with unreliable luggage, bulky jackets