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Travel Bites from Mexico and Peru

I don’t do as much freelance writing as I used to since I’m busy enough running my online media company’s own blogs and websites, so I’ve gotten kind of slack about putting up links to travel stories I’ve written for other

This is SO Wrong – the Water Bottle Ad

This in-room ad from Evian is a common one in chain hotels. Some supply a couple of plastic water bottles for free, even when the tap water is fine. Others charge you for it. Some do both, which was the case

Touring the Poor Man’s Galapagos in Peru

I’m in Paracas, Peru right now, which is not exactly the prettiest place in the world. A red tide swept through recently, leaving a beach already the color of concrete covered with a carpet of dead crabs. The water is the

Will You Regret it Later?

The year was 1998 and it was our fourth or fifth time in Bangkok. We were losing count, but we had been there enough that we knew multiple city bus routes well. Once again, we were pondering a side trip to

Italy Before Tomatoes, Ireland Before Potatoes, and Thailand Before Chilies

“In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” But what was going on in the Americas before that? If you know much at all about that time, much of what you have probably been taught is wrong. That’s the core point of