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Fighting Monks, Personal Landmarks, and Azerbaijani Tea

Had your fill yet of insipid travel articles headlined “Top-10,” “Best,” and “Worst”? Then go get some nourishing stories from Perceptive Travel, home to well-written narratives from book authors on the move. The new issue just went up and, as usual,

Gay Disney, Herby Ohio, and Mysterious Bhutan

A new round of Perceptive Travel stories is live for your enjoyment. Sometimes that means tales from obscure places, sometimes it means well-known locations from a different angle. In the latter category falls the Going-to-be-wonderful World of Disney, from Gillian Kendall.

Stupid Tourists, the World’s Original Travelers, and Ash Cloud Ireland

A headline like that means it’s time for a new issue of Perceptive Travel. Follow that link for three new travel stories from wandering book authors, as well as a rundown on some notable new world music. Guidebook writer Michelle Bigley

Thai Voluntourism, Bamboo Bridge Crossings, and the Obama Grocery Store

Yes, it’s time for the May issue of Perceptive Travel, with more great travel stories from book authors on the move. Plus reviews of travel books and world music. We welcome two new writers this issue. Bangladesh guidebook author Mikey Leung

Singapore Signs, Evil/Not Evil Syria, and Spare Change for a Bolivian Bathroom

Yes indeed, a new issue of Perceptive Travel is now posted. Marie Javins returns to the fold with a fun story about her trip to Bolivia as part of a group tour and there’s even a great custom illustration for it.