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Balkans biking Bosnia

Balkans Biking, Rainforest Zipping, and Norway Night Sun

Each¬†month in Perceptive Travel we try to bring you some of the best narrative travel stories you’ll find anywhere on the web. This month we take you to four distinct spots on the globe: a rainforest in Australia, northern Norway, the
craft beer in cans

99 Cans of Craft Beer on the Wall

If you live or travel in the USA, you’ll notice there’s a lot of really great beer in cans now. A lot of those cans have¬† great artwork too. For most of beer’s history, this was not true. You bought good

The Joy of Getting Lost

I’ve spent more time than I would like in the past week speeding down interstate highways at 70 mph, hours and hours in a row. It’s a numbing sensory experience, a parade of exits with the same chain restaurants and stores,