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Cheap Travel in Mexico and Central America

There are a few clusters of cheap destinations around the world where you can travel overland from country to country on a low budget for weeks, months, or a year. For Americans, starting in Mexico and going down to Panama is

Travel Prices in Nicaragua

In most respects, Nicaragua is the cheapest place to travel in Latin America, which makes it the cheapest destination in the Americas period. Since it’s also close and easy to get to for a reasonable airfare, at least for those of

Some Eye Candy from Nicaragua

I focus on the practical aspects of travel a lot on this Cheapest Destinations Blog. I figure there are enough others out there doing a “photo of the day” and making virtual albums of their travels. Still, sometimes a place is

Yes, Nicaragua is Still a Great Travel Bargain

I’ve only been in Nicaragua a few days now, but that’s enough to confirm that this country still offers the cheapest overall prices in the Americas. Bolivia is probably a close second—I’ll report from there first week of November—but the reciprocal
Sea tp Summit packable duffle bag

Off to Nicaragua with an Under-seat Bag

After three weeks across the Atlantic and some office time back at home, I’m off to Latin America again to check out Nicaragua. I wanted to travel down to Nicaragua in the cheapest way possible, which meant a flight on Spirit