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horseback riding in Iceland

Ethiopia, Timbuktu, Iceland, and Mount Doom

We try to give you a nice variety of traveling stories when we put out a new issue of Perceptive Travel. Since 2006 we’ve published the best travel stories from globetrotting book authors, digging a bit deeper and going beyond the
kayaks in Belize

Unique Travel Stories From Iceland, Belize, New Zealand, and West Papua

The November issue of Perceptive Travel is out now, with unique travel stories from book authors traveling the world. This month we welcome a new author, Glen Retief, who finally finds his special place in the open spaces of a northern

World Cup of Travel – Italy vs. New Zealand

This Sunday we have a World Cup match between two tourism heavyweights. We’ve got the glossy magazine travel staple Italy versus the long-flight adventure destination of New Zealand. Instead of spending hours of your time on a football match that can