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Omo Valley Ethiopia

Ethiopian Wedding Flogging, Hunting for Truffles in Umbria, and a Visit to Krustyland

With a combo like that in the headline, it must be time for a new issue of Perceptive Travel, frequently named as one of the best online travel magazines on the planet. We racked up a few new awards in the
visit Chernobyl

Holiday Visit to Chernobyl, 7 a.m. Baseball in Cambodia, & Biking Through Bountiful Oregon

It’s time for the March 2015 issue of Perceptive Travel, home to great narrative travel stories from book authors on the move. This month we have a story about a place that’s not at the top of most editors’ coverage list

Rolling with the Stones, Howler Monkeys on Live Wires, and Reluctantly Secret Slovakia

The February issue of Perceptive Travel is out, with more of the best travel stories from book authors on the move. Once again it’s fair to say “best travel stories” because for the third year in a row, the publication I

Wanna Hear a Good Travel Story?

If you haven’t been reading this blog for very long, I may seem like just another guy who threw up a blog and put out a book. But although I find it hard to believe myself sometimes, apparently I can do