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travel more for less money

6 Ways to Travel More on Your Current Income

If you really dream of traveling more, then get ready to have all your excuses removed. Too many times I hear, “I wish I could travel more, but I can’t afford it.” The thing is, I haven’t heard this common excuse
free IHG hotel night

The Basic Strategy Guide to Free Flights and Hotel Rooms

Earning free flights and complimentary hotel rooms doesn’t require riches or celebrity. It also isn’t all very difficult or complicated if you have a decent credit rating.  It’s easiest in the USA, where the whole “perks for loyalty” idea got codified
airline priorities

What the Latest Frequent Flyer Devaluation Means for You

As you may have heard, American Airlines is joining United and Delta in giving you frequent flyer “miles” based on revenue rather than distance flown starting mid-2016. So for most of us stuck in the back of the plane, that means

How to Keep Track of Your Frequent Flier Miles

Bob has a problem. He never misses an opportunity to gain frequent flier miles or hotel points, which is good. But he’s got mileage balances in nine different programs and is worried that some will expire because he’s not on top

Get 4 Free Plane Trips Per Year?

Pay a monthly fee, learn the secrets week in and week out, and score four free plane tickets a year through mileage programs and bonuses. Sound like a deal for you? That’s the promise of The Travel Hacking Cartel from Chris