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A Great Backpacker Town With No Backpackers: Cuetzalan, Mexico

It’s a strange feeling when you get to a destination that seems perfect for backpackers and there are none of them there. After a few days in Cuetzalan, a Pueblo Magico in the northern part of Puebla state in Mexico, I
Puebla at night

Popping Around Puebla, Mexico

Puebla is Mexico’s 4th-largest city, but it only gets a trickle of even the non-beach tourists visiting Mexico. Those that do pass through are usually on some kind of culinary tour. This is, after all, the land of mole poblano—that luscious
Guanajuato Mexico

My Life in Guanajuato (& What It Costs Me)

Editor’s note: This post is from March of 2014, when the peso was around 13 to the dollar. Things are even cheaper now… I moved back to Guanajuato, Mexico for the second time this past August and as a couple readers
Christmas Mexico

Merry Christmas From Central Mexico

I’m too busy baking cookies and wrapping presents to write some profound blog post on traveling. Instead, here’s a little Christmas post on where I’m living now. The picture above is a look at what I saw when spending a few
Veracruz adventure travel

Adventure Travel, One Country Over

White water rafting, rappeling into canyons, ripping across desert dunes in ATVs, mountain biking, kayaking across pristine lakes, hiking behind waterfalls…in Mexico? When most people think of the country just south of the USA, they picture beaches, snorkeling, whale watching, and