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Champagne-popping and New Articles

A reader I met by chance a few weeks ago asked me, “What else do you do besides that Cheapest Destinations book and blog?” It was a reminder that I could probably stand to post my writing life outside this blog

Travel Bites from Mexico and Peru

I don’t do as much freelance writing as I used to since I’m busy enough running my online media company’s own blogs and websites, so I’ve gotten kind of slack about putting up links to travel stories I’ve written for other

Notes from the Nightstand: Books to Consider

I’d be a pretty lame writer if I didn’t read a lot, so I try to read real books regularly. Here are a few I’ve checked out lately that are worth a look. ¬†One travel book, one travel e-book, and one

When Local Tours are a Worth the Money

When you’re traveling for an extended period or are on a budget vacation, you often choose the cheapest option available for getting to where you need to go. You have more time than money, so a little extra hassle of a

Touring the Bell Towers Above the Zocolo

I just spent five days in Mexico City and it rocked, as I knew it would. I was working on a magazine article, plus I had my family with me, so we had to cram in more things than I normally