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Google Has Altered Your Expectations

  Just because you can look up an answer to a burning question in a few seconds for most facts doesn’t mean you can do the same for recommendations. That’s especially true when it comes to something as personal as travel.

Sabbaticals, Slow Travel, and Safe Job Perceptions

Or an alternate title: “Show this to your travel naysayer relatives.” Anyone who has taken off on a long bout of travel has heard the negatives and seen the disapproving looks. Some people will look at you as a slacker, as

8 Things NOT to Put in Your Craigslist Ad

For the frugal person, Craigslist is a godsend, potentially saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars on stuff you need—but don’t need new. It can even help you find an apartment or items to get your new home set up when

There are Usually No Shortcuts

For most things in life worth having or doing, it takes work to get there. As I settle down back in the U.S., plowing through a ton of money to get the tools of living in this culture again (cars, cell

My Year of Trying to Not Suck at Spanish

I feel like I’ve been studying Spanish for a very long time. This year I finally got some real traction. You see, I started studying almost-worthless French in high school because I liked the way it sounded. I stuck with it