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Happiness of Pursuit book

Is There a Quest in Your Future?

Or maybe there’s a better question to decide whether The Happiness of Pursuit will resonate with you. Are you a compulsive person? This is the latest book from Chris Guillebeau, the author of The Art of Non-Conformity and The $100 Start-up.
moving out of the USA

Sabbaticals, Career Breaks, and Saying Adios for Years

  “What are you doing down there?” is the first question I get about living in Mexico. (Half the time followed by “Is it safe?”) “Same thing I was doing in the other places I lived,” is my stock answer. I
Benny digital nomad

Traveling Long-term Without Depending on Savings

It used to be that if you wanted to pack everything in storage and go traveling for an extended period, you need to have lots of savings or you need to find some kind of international job. That job was usually

The One Word That is Recognized Almost Everywhere

If you can’t understand what someone said, there’s one thing you can say in most countries and be understood. “Huh?” If you want to be universally understood around the world when traveling, there’s almost no phrase or even gesture that works

No More Excuses – Your Travel Resolution Starts Now

I’ve been running this Cheapest Destinations blog since 2003 and the 4th edition of my international travel book will come out soon, so I’ve heard more than my share of excuses on why people can’t or don’t travel. In all fairness,