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Travel Advice I Frequently Ignore

I keep running into people who have not traveled much and it is disheartening to me sometimes to realize how much bad advice is out there. For the record, here’s what I ignore on a regular basis on the road. Don’t

Unplugging the Screens

I’m on vacation with my family most of this week, so the posts here will be kind of limited. This month I read a great book that made me feel like there’s a method to my madness in avoiding having a

The Importance of a Journal for Your Travel Memories

Almost all the great writers I know have at some time kept a journal going during their travels, usually back when they were traveling just to travel instead of doing it as a line of work. But you don’t have to

Shoestring Travel Means Getting Used to the Simple Life

How well do you deal with camping for days? With outdoor toilets? Sleeping in rooms that are way too hot or way too cold? Taking cold showers? Wearing the same clothes for months? Many of the most unhappy budget travelers I’ve